Project: The clients wanted a sign for their beach house, “Oasis.” They wanted to include a flamingo and palm trees in the design, but otherwise the request was open-ended. I presented them with several typeface and composition choices before they decided on this one.

Solution: I chose to incorporate the flamingo into the name as the focal point, and developed this design which consists of 2 pieces of digitally printed and custom-routered PVC board to create the sign.


Project: The client operates a Pennsylvania skill game lounge and needed a logo and corresponding signage for his street-facing window. He wanted something colorful and eye catching, but for legal reasons did not want any imagery that directly promoted gambling.

Solution: In my development of the logo, I incorporated the Pittsburgh city skyline in reference to the business’ name. I chose aesthetics that reminded me of casinos without being too “Las Vegas in your face.” I incorporated the appearance of a neon sign and metallic textures.


Project: The client (DJ Kid Mid / operates an online streaming radio service and needed a fresh look for his social media and other promotional materials.

Solution: Since it is a morning program he wanted a cup of coffee and musical notes incorporated into the logo. I decide to create something that looked slightly chaotic to match the theme of “mid-morning madness.”


Project: WAC needed a way to showcase some of the achievements reached in 2018 as part of an end-of-year fundraising event.

Solution: I chose to focus on highlighting the numbers to display quantifiable metrics in a fun, graphic way.


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Project: The Jacksonville, Florida, chapter of Ronald McDonald House provides no-cost lodging to families with children who are undergoing lengthy hospital stays. As part of a nationwide re-branding, the House required an updated look for their bi-annual newsletter which is mailed out to donors, staff, volunteers, and families.

Solution: I developed a bold, playful theme that worked within the organization’s new branding guidelines, and created templates that could be easily adapted to fit a variety of content and formats including traditional stitched signatures and a 3-panel fold. The client provided body copy, photos, and a basic outline for each newsletter design. This project was one which I managed from start to finish, often working directly with Ronald McDonald House staff when making edits.


Project: Advertisements for The Hartley Press.

Solution: Depending on the publication, I chose either to highlight a range of Hartley’s noteworthy print clients, or to put the focus on Hartley’s partnerships with the local community.


Project: The client ( wanted a delicate, ethereal logo to complement her business’ aesthetic. She requested a circular shape and celestial imagery included. She mentioned that her name was often hard for people to spell or pronounce, so she wanted to make sure it was easy to read.

Solution: I was inspired by solar system drawings and diagrams of planetary orbits, but I chose a hand-drawn appearance to communicate a warm, personal feeling. I selected a sans-serif font to keep her name clean and legible.

Project Management


Project: The Hash House Harriers is a group based around off-road “adventure running.” During odd-numbered years, cities compete to be voted as host for the InterAmericas Hash (IAH) event, a large 3-day gathering of hashers from North, Central, and South America, with somewhere between 1500-2000 attendees. In a break from the traditions of years past, a group of us wanted to host the event on board a cruise ship, spending two days in Nassau, Bahamas. As part of this undertaking, we would need a logo and coordinating identity pieces, as well as a website and other printed materials.

Solution: After several brainstorming sessions, the group decided that they wanted a retro 1970s theme, as a play off “The Love Boat.” For the logo I chose typography and color palettes from this decade of American design, including an homage to The Love Boat. For our bid presentation, I developed a trifold brochure to hand out to attendees, as well as an embroidered patch to give away as a bonus incentive for early bidders. In the months leading up to the event, I also created a fabric design for a sarong to be included in attendee giveaway bags, and the daily programs to be put in each cabin every morning of the cruise. I managed these projects from beginning to end, including communication with product vendors.


Business Card

Project: This client ( creates high-end glasses frames that are handmade from wood, so they wanted their business card to communicate the bespoke luxury and organic nature of their products.

Solution: We chose a very heavy 200 lb. card stock and I developed a wood grain pattern that was blind embossed to add texture. We decided to deboss and gold foil stamp the client’s logo and information. The result is a very tactile piece that stands out among a stack of business cards, much like how the client’s products stand out among mass-produced eyewear.

CD Sleeve

Project: The client is Jacksonville, Florida, based Irish folk rock musician Spade McQuade. He needed a simple CD sleeve for his upcoming album, and provided an image that he wanted to use for the front.

Solution: I took the brick wall element from the photo and used that for the back, focusing on creating a gritty feeling to match the mood of the photo.

Business Card

Project: The client (Wake Forest University / wanted a new design for football coaches and athletic staff business cards.

Solution: After looking at a few examples of other schools’ athletic program business cards and hearing the client’s thoughts, I collaborated with the co-owner of The Hartley Press and we decided to go in a slightly different direction, with the goal of creating a card that stands out. We chose a cold-press paper with natural texture and incorporated foil into the design as well as die cutting the edge. The reverse side of the card has the school’s logo printed.


Project: As part of an ongoing refresh of existing package designs, Pilot wanted to ensure brand consistency across the wholesale market, including updates for bulk boxes and containers.

Solution: I worked with the existing die line for these bar-coded dozen boxes and created a design using the new product logo, updated information, and typography choices that correspond with those on the retail packages. Since this box only has a small window to show the product inside, I placed an image of the pen on both the front and back to allow easier identification.



Project: The sales team wanted a promotional piece for distribution to retailers of high-end writing instruments, to showcase Pilot’s Fine Writing collection. Since none of these pens have retail packaging, they did not already have a required color story or aesthetic to be used, so it was an entirely open-ended request.

Solution: I studied the advertising campaigns of other luxury pen brands at similar price points, and ended up choosing a very clean, minimalist approach in order to showcase the products without a lot of distraction. I envisioned being in a jewelry store where the merchandise is displayed simply on a neutral backdrop. I elected to reproduce each pen at actual size since many of them featured elaborate engravings or unique inlays not found among other Pilot products.

Marketing Collateral

Project: The sales team requested a “demonstration” kit for the Down Force pen in order to show potential buyers how the product functions on wet paper. The container required a label on the inside, and the goal was to communicate how to use the contents of the kit in a fun, graphic way, while maintaining the aesthetic from the Down Force retail blister packaging.

Solution: Since one of the target demographics for the Down Force pen is people who work in extreme conditions, I decided to use iconography similar to what might be found in mechanical instructions or a safety manual.

Project: An advertisement for the Down Force pen was needed for publication in Office Products International (OPI) magazine.

Solution: I utilized the typography and color palette from the Down Force packaging and chose a neutral background depicting a storm, since the pen is marketed for functionality in all-weather conditions. I chose to highlight the logo and the QR code to vote for Down Force in a “best of writing products” contest.


Project: I was tasked with developing artwork for retail packaging in the Mexico market. The goal was to project brand consistency and allow for easy identification on store shelves.

Solution: In order to create an eye-catching design that would still be neutral enough to accommodate a variety of pen types and colors, I selected a subtle gradient and used Pilot’s brand color. I placed important information in the same positions on each blister card, with the Pilot logo at the top so that would be the first thing a buyer sees.


Project: The owner of Louisiana Unlimited wanted to develop a line of original women’s apparel.

Solution: I created several designs themed around New Orleans including Saints football, mardi gras, and pop culture references. We began by selling these shirts in our retail location, and eventually moved into wholesaling, including an exclusive partnership with area Walgreens stores. The shirts became very successful especially among French Quarter souvenir shops.

Project: The owner of Local Flair Tees in Chalmette, Louisiana, wanted to develop an original line of women’s apparel for her store. Her goal was to create fun designs to express hometown pride.

Solution: The client had a very clear vision for some of the designs she wanted, so we had several brainstorming sessions to decide on her initial concepts, and I created digital mock-ups from the ones she liked best. Additional meetings were held so she could narrow down which designs to be printed. These were a big success for her store and I later helped her develop several more shirts.


Project: Single-page advertisements produced for publication in Apartments For Rent Magazine. The clients were rental communities throughout the metro Atlanta area that wished to highlight current price specials, amenities, and property photos.

Solution: Ads were developed on an individual basis, either working within a management company’s existing brand guidelines, or through creation of a unique new design.