Client: Pilot Corporation is a leading manufacturer and marketer of writing instruments in the United States and Japan.

Project: The sales team requested a “demonstration” kit for the Down Force pen in order to show potential buyers how the product functions on wet paper. The container required a label on the inside, and the goal was to communicate how to use the contents of the kit in a fun, graphic way, while maintaining the aesthetic from the Down Force retail blister packaging.
An advertisement for the Down Force pen was also needed for publication in Office Products International (OPI) magazine.

Solution: Since one of the target demographics for the Down Force pen is people who work in extreme conditions, I decided to use iconography similar to what might be found in mechanical instructions or a safety manual.
For the ad, I utilized the typography and color palette from the Down Force packaging and chose a neutral background depicting a storm, since the pen is marketed for functionality in all-weather conditions.