art & design portfolio | jacksonville, florida based artist

I am…

…a South Georgia native, former Atlanta and New Orleans resident, currently based in Jacksonville, Florida, where I live by the beach with my husband and our dog.

I developed an aptitude for recognizing shapes and colors before I could even walk, and spent many childhood days alone in my room with markers or crayons.

I was led toward pursuing a career in graphic design after teaching myself how to code websites as a hobby when I was a teenager.

I feel exceptionally fortunate that I’ve been allowed to make a career doing something I am naturally inclined toward, and in which I take great pride. Visual communication is an industry that is always evolving; it is rewarding and exciting to push the boundaries of creativity on a daily basis.

Please feel welcome to contact me regarding new opportunities. I’m available for design projects and painting commissions. I look forward to working with you!