Project Management

Project: The Hash House Harriers is a loosely organized worldwide group based around off-road “adventure running.” Every two years, cities compete to host the InterAmericas Hash (IAH), a large 3-day gathering of hashers from North, Central, and South America. Past IAHs had anywhere from 1000-2000 attendees. In a break from the traditions of previous years, a group of us wanted to charter a commercial cruise line, and would be departing from Florida and spending two days in Nassau, Bahamas.

As part of this undertaking, we needed a logo and coordinating identity pieces for application in a variety of platforms: promotional materials, merchandise, a website, and a mobile app. As the graphic design lead, I managed these projects from start to finish, including communications with product vendors. I worked alongside our technology lead who developed the mobile app.

Solution: After several brainstorming sessions, the group decided that they wanted a retro 1970s theme, as a play off “The Love Boat.” For the logo I chose typography, iconography, and color palettes from this decade of American design. This “groovy” aesthetic influenced my design choices for the digital magazine and printed brochure.

Mood Board


Branding Sheet


Trifold Brochure
For our bid, I developed a tri-fold brochure to hand out during the presentation, as well as an embroidered patch to give away as a bonus incentive for early bidders.


Digital Magazine
In addition to maintaining the website, I created graphics for our mobile app, which included a digital “magazine” displaying necessary information for attendees.


In the months leading up to the event, I created a fabric design for a sarong, and artwork for an embroidered patch/hat, and screen printed dry bag. These were given away to all 1200 attendees.