About Me


I’m Sarah, a graphic artist based in Wilmington, NC. I currently live downtown, with my partner and our adorable, one-eyed hairless cat.

As a visual design professional, I’m passionate about what I do and genuinely love getting to be creative every day. I’m a nomad and have worked in a variety of industries in multiple cities during my decade+ of experience as a commercial artist. My strengths include managing the complete design process from conceptualization to delivery, developing multiple simultaneous projects, collaborating with a team, and performing leadership roles in a creative environment. I’m comfortable in fast-paced industries, organized, detail-oriented, confident, and able to work independently.

Because I spend so much time using technology in my career, when I’m not at work I love to “unplug” and get off the beaten path, whether it’s an afternoon kayaking trip down the Cape Fear River, or a week spent hiking mountains in Fiji. I find travel to be inspiring and vital to my creative process. My passport is well-used!