Client: Vasilion Photography portrait studio.

Project: The client wanted a delicate, ethereal logo to complement her business’ aesthetic. She requested a circular shape and celestial imagery included. She mentioned that her name was often hard for people to spell or pronounce, so she wanted to make sure it was easy to read.

Solution: I was inspired by solar system drawings and diagrams of planetary orbits and I selected a sans-serif font to keep her name clean and legible.

Client: Mid-Morning Madness streaming radio program.

Project: The client needed a logo to use in promotional graphics and for print on merchandise. Since his program is a morning show, he requested a cup of coffee as the main part of the logo, and wanted to incorporate music-related imagery.

Solution: I chose a chaotic look to stick with the theme of “madness,” but kept the logo to one color in order to enhance readability. After a few revisions, the client liked the idea of having music notes rising with steam above the cup.

Client: Sea of Rage Sailing Club.

Project: The client needed a logo mainly for print on t-shirts and other apparel. They wanted to have a ship and the Loch Ness Monster as focal points in the design.

Solution: I took inspiration from old nautical maps and developed a single color logo that could be utilized in both screen printing and embroidery,