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Vasilion Photography — The client wanted a delicate, ethereal logo to complement her business’ aesthetic. She requested a circular shape and celestial imagery included. (

InterAmericas 2019

Two of my greatest passions in life are running and traveling. About ten years ago I stumbled upon a group that combines both of these: the Hash House Harriers is based around off-road running in its purest form, creating spontaneous trails through any terrain imaginable. Hashers are tasked with figuring out trail marks and overcoming obstacles in order to reach the end. With chapters (“kennels”) all over the world, hashing creates instant camaraderie anywhere I go.

During odd-numbered years, a new city’s kennel is voted as host for the InterAmericas Hash (“IAH”) event, a large 3-day gathering of hashers in North, Central, and South America, with somewhere between 1500-2000 attendees. Each host city is chosen by an anonymous vote, and involves several groups bidding for the event. In 2017, IAH was hosted in Phoenix, Arizona. I volunteered to be part of a group to bid for hosting 2019’s IAH. In a break from the traditions of years past, we wanted to have the event on board a cruise ship, sailing from Florida and spending two days in Nassau, Bahamas.

Our group was split into committees to handle different aspects of planning the event. As the design person on the marketing team, my first task was to create a logo and coordinating identity pieces. The group decided that they wanted a retro 1970s theme; originally begun by brainstorming about Willy Wonka but eventually moving toward a play off “The Love Boat.” This was the direction I decided to take with my development of the logo, pulling typefaces and color palettes from this decade of American design.

For our bid presentation, I created a trifold brochure to hand out at the event. We wanted to provide an incentive for people to pledge their money early, so I developed an embroidered patch that we mailed out to everyone who signed up in Phoenix. After winning the bid, I created a website to allow participants to book or change cabins and view additional information, such as deck maps, ship amenities, and a list of everyone currently signed up.

At present I am working with another member of our team to create a mobile app for the event, which will allow attendees to access a number of options, including a map of the ship with their cabin location, view daily schedule and activity choices, and other features.